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Wisnu Pramudito - 7th September 94 - Goalkeeper - FC BAYERN MUNCHEN TILL I DIE!

Sometimes I look at my friends and think to myself ” where did i meet these crazy people” but then i think “what would i do without them?”

Quotes of the day

My #5 songs of the Week


  1. Depapepe - Dream
  2. Queen of The Stone Ages - 3’s and 7’s
  3. Vampire Weekend - A Punk
  4. Oasis - Don’t Look Back In Anger
  5. Wolfmother - The Thief And The Joker

well that’s my top 5 this week

how about u mate?

watch-out dude, Matt helders turn into badass over here XD 

i think this songs is really nice too

one of the best arctic monkeys song i ever heard, it called “R U Mine”

It’s no longer in our own hands, but we won’t give up, and we’ll try and win our remaining matches.

—Manuel Neuer - Reaction to Dortmund-Bayern’s game (via fuckyeahfcbayernmunchen)

(via neuerfans)

Adiez Manualdi - Ananditya Chikazaki - Wisnu Pramudito

Adiez Manualdi - Ananditya Chikazaki - Wisnu Pramudito