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Wisnu Pramudito - 7th September 94 - Goalkeeper - FC BAYERN MUNCHEN TILL I DIE!
My Favorite one is the black one, with the bomb…kickass

My Favorite one is the black one, with the bomb…kickass

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Here some Bayern Munchen vs Werder Bremen Last night, interesting that finally Takashi Usami had a chance into Starting 11

for Naldo, Admit was a pretty nice own goal , wasn’t it? XD

well hard to say it, but Congratulations for Borussia Dortmund for Bundesliga title season 2011-2012…..

come on bayern, 2012-2013 should be yours

 some highlights from elclassico last night….and madrid made it, suprise eh? of course but i think madrid play much better than barca even they play at camp nou….amazingly, madrid made a record by scoring much than a hundred goal this season, what record! and looks like, la liga title this year is belong to madrid….once again Congratulations to Real Madrid

Players ratings from {against Werder Bremen}


  • Manuel Neuer -7.5
  • Rafinha - 6.5
  • Diego Contento - 6.0
  • Takashi Usami - 6.0
  • Danijel Pranjic - 5.0
  • Luiz Gustavo - 5.0
  • Bastian Schweinsteiger - 6.5
  • Anatoliy Tymoshchuk - 4.5
  • Nils Petersen - 5.0
  • Ivica Olic - 4.5
  • Thomas Müller - 5.0
  • Franck Ribéry - 8.0 **TOP OF THE MATCH
  • Toni Kroos - 7.0
  • Mario Gomez - 5.5

We always keep believing we can score and give it everything we’ve got. It worked for us today. The last minute is still part of the match.

—Thomas Müller after today’s game. (via fuckyeahfcbayernmunchen)


Fuck it muahahaha